"Healing the Inner You"

Lets work together creating more love, peace, happiness, and clarity through understanding your own personality, behaviours, and belief patterns.

“Immerse into Nature and Restore…”
“Bring this Beauty into Your  Surroundings”

Spiritual Healing Brings....

Transformation and renewal to the body, mind, spirit and emotions by cleansing past and unwanted belief patterns.

Acceptance, Forgiveness & Self-Love....

Honour your inner worth, courage and abilities to alleviate depression and loss of hope.

We Become What We Think....

Reframe your negative thought patterns torestore and empower the “true you” manifesting positiveness into all areas of your life.

Meet Annarah Herd

Empowering you” to discover the “true you that were born to be”. Incorporating Inner Healing, Aroma Healing oils, guided N.LP meditations, to help transform the body, mind and spirit to release false beliefs, dysfunctional behaviour patterns, to reveal your true identity that has been distorted by experiences and actions placed upon you by others, yourself and your environment…. I offer spiritually aware, Holistic counselling and Life Coaching and am also ACC Registered for working with Sexual Abuse Trauma…

My clinical practice, Cleansing Heart Healing, is based in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.


Counselling &
Life Coaching

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming … effecting your emotional, physical and spiritual well being….feeling blocked….

Spiritual Inner Healing Therapy

This therapy can consist of different modalities and processing levels, depending on your requirements….

ACC Counselling

When you have been sexually abused or violated in the past or present…extreme, intrusive, emotional, feelings can arise….

High Sensitivity & Spiritual Perception

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming… effecting your emotional, physical and spiritual well being….feeling blocked….

Well-Being Body/Mind Connection

Living a balanced lifestyle includes restoring and calming your thoughts, dietary awareness, exercise,  toxicity in your body and environment….

Face to Face

Over the Phone

Via Video Call

Happy Clients

Annarah really helped me with her amazing insight and understanding of what was happening in my life that I hadn’t even thought of. Many patterns that I can now see operating in my life are now understood and have diminished immensely, so much more relaxed and chilled out. Thank you. for your awesome support...
I gained so much courage and strength from Annarah’s Spiritual Inner Healing therapy. She helped me to understand and release a lot of negative thoughts, which helped my health as well and the way I viewed life. I got my life back and was able to move forward and start again, to embrace what I really loved. I had sessions for about a year, and always felt unconditional love and support for who I was. I lost a lot of shame and guilt and have grown to love and respect myself. Thank you so much Annarah..
Seeing Annarah has been significant in the process towards recovery and healing. She is approachable, genuine and honest. She adapts to meet the needs of the client. This has helped me in moving through past hurts and present situations. Being able to share and have someone listen that is supportive and understanding has made a positive difference in my life. Sooo...appreciate your support ...

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An amazing relationship...begins with understanding .....you first....

I can walk alongside in supporting you ...." to reveal the true you" ....

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